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When you don't know where to turn for help concerning the historic windows your new project throws your way, you might consider contacting Leeds Clark Inc. For over 30 years, the name "Leeds Clark" has been associated with quality services in the field of historic preservation throughout the country. From a small one room cabin in Texas to the Pentagon in Washington D.C., Tom Clark has participated in over 2800 preservation projects, earning him national recognition as a consultant in the fields of condition assessment and preservation techniques. Tom has been recognized as an authority in the fields of historic window restoration, replication, and consultation and is nicknamed the "historic window expert" in many preservation circles across the country. No other firm has been established longer or participated in more projects than Leeds Clark, as it relates to the resoration, relpication, and consultation of historic windows.

Leeds Clark Inc. is one of the nation's leading experts in historic window preservation,
specializing in all aspects with over 30 years experience. Leeds Clark offers the widest array of historic window services and products available in the market today, including:

Historic Wood Window Restoration & Replication

Historic Steel, Galvanized, & Hollow Metal Window Restoration

Historic Window Surveys, Consultation, & Proforma Estimating

Historic Window Restoration & Replication Mock-ups

Historic Window Restoration Products

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Tom Clark believes inspection of the historic widows and its materials is vital in developing a historic window restoration plan; condition assessment helps all parties establish needs, offer realistic solutions and specifications, then develop a plan and budget to determine feasibility of the proposed historic window restoration project.

Leeds Clark's clients include the following:

Government Agencies, Architecture Firms, General Gontractors,
Private Sector Building Owners, & Home Owners

Tom Clark and his company are passionate and straightforward in their approach to historic window preservation and have been blessed to be apart of successful window preservation efforts, nationwide. Just as each window restoration project provides a unique set of circumstances and challenges, so to do the unique and long lasting relationships develop as window preservation efforts transpire across the country.
For inquires, email: info@leedsclark.com