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From small community Main Street to the Pentagon in Washington D.C., Leeds Clark has participated in over 2,800 preservation projects in one of the following capacities: prime contractor, sub-contractor, project manager, consultant, or single source supplier. Leeds Clark specializes in historic preservation with approximately 85% of revenues generated from historic wood and steel window restoration, replication, and consultation. No other firm has been established longer or participated in more window preservation projects than Leeds Clark.

Below are several of Leeds Clark's most memorable projects:


Hill County Courthouse
Hillsboro, TX

Replication of 172 Historic Wood Windows, Transoms, & Bell Tower Louvers

Leeds Clark was honored at the annual ('97) Texas Historic Preservation Conference in Austin, Texas with the Award of Excellence in Historic Architecture for Craftsmanship. The award was given for the firm's work on the Hill County Courthouse Phase I. Leeds Clark replaced 172 exterior wood windows, the bell tower louvers, and entry transoms on the Courthouse following the devastating fire of January 1, 1993. The nomination for the award centered on...
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Booker T. Washington High School
Dallas, TX

Historic Wood Window Restoration & Replication


Leeds Clark participated in the renovation of the 1922 Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas, TX. Leeds Clark restored , or replicated, all 120 historic wood windows and transoms. The most challanging aspect of the project was the timeline established for the project. All window work had to be copleted during the summer break, prior to students returning to school. Due to many circumstances, Tom Clark determined there was only one way to approach the window preservation effort if he was to follow the specifications, meet the deadline, and stay within budget.
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Goodyear Building
Dallas, TX

Historic Window Survey & Consultation

Tom Clark, of Leeds Clark, was hired as an historic window consultant for the window preservaton effort on the Goodyear building in Dallas, TX. Due to the building being listed on the national register and new construction of a DART rail line beside and in front of the building, Mr Clark realized that rehabilitating the existing historic windows for the multi-use building faced several technical feasibilities including: noise mitigation, historic site line, and window operation. Reducing the noise meant making sure the historic window could be...
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Republic Tower 1

Dallas, TX

Historic Window Consultation & Mock-ups

At the onset of this project, it was the stated desire of the owner to retain the original windows if at all possible, and it was the recommendation of the project's preservation architect and the THC that this was the preferred approach. However, ongoing leakage issues and maintenance concerns cast doubt on the viability of retaining the windows. In order to reach a logical and supportable conclusion to the question, the project architect retained the services of Leeds Clark to analyze the historic windows. Leeds Clark was asked to take a window apart to analyze its componets, then restore the window with new gasketing and replacement glass. The window would then be tested to determine the viability of retaining the windows. If the test was successful, Leeds Clark would supply window components, shop drawings, and specifications for bidding If the test fails, Leeds Clark would help...Read More