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Leeds Clark Inc. has been established longer and participated in more projects than any other firn in the country, as it relates to the preservation of historic wood, steel, and hollow metal windows. With over 30 years experience, Leeds Clark is confident that no other firm will rate as high in timely completion and within budget, while providing the craftmanship and expertise expected in historic window restoration, replication, and consultation. Taking a hands on approach, Leeds Clark offers the widest arrary of historic window products and services available in the maket today.
Leeds Clark's historic window preservation products and services include:

Historic Window Restoration








Historic Window Replication








Historic Window Surveys











Historic Window Mock-ups












Window Restoration Products

Environmental Abatement / Stripping

* Salvage Historic Glass

* Dutchman Repairs & Epoxy Work

* Sanding & Prep Work

* Stain / Paint Re-finishing

* Re-Installation


Match Historic Window Fabric

* Match Historic Profile & Site Line

* Match Methodology of Construction
Mortise & Tenon / Cope & Stick

* Match Glazing / IncorporateGlazing
Historic Glass, IG Glass, Low-e Glass, etc...

* Match Historic Paint / Stain Finishes


Condition assessment to document existing historic window conditions

* Documentation of historic window fabric and methodology of construction

* Assist in developing proper planning & methodology for carrying out window preservation efforts

* Assist in specifications and pro forma estimating to help determine window restoration costs

* Locate proper material sources that conform to Department of Interior guidelines and standards


Provides owner & architect an actual finished representation of the historic window restoration / replication
based on the proposed specifications

* Allows owner & architect the opportunity to make changes to the specifications prior to the window preservation effort begining

* Provides owner & architect the ability to budget for the window preservation effort based on actual conditions encountered during the mock-up phase.

* Provides contactor a standard, based on the specifications, the owner & architect expect for the remaing historic window restoration work.


Chemical Strippers

* Glass
Historic, IG, Stained, Etc...

* Architectural Epoxies

* Window Hardware

* Weatherstripping

For inquires on Leeds Clark's products and services email: info@leedsclark.com