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Leeds Clark, Inc. offers historic window surveys to architects, general contractors, government agencies, and building owners. This valuable service helps determine the actual condition and work needed to restore the window units back to their original condition. Window surveys are often conducted by inexperienced people in a brief visual walk through to determine a percentage of typical and atypical conditions. Prices are assigned to these conditions and multiplied by the number of window units. This type of survey is dangerous to all parties involved. Architects may rely on this to categorize the work, but this approach makes it very difficult to establish a budget. Contractors are then asked to bid the work based on these brief inspections. With limited knowledge of actual conditions, they are advised to field verify and bid according to the specifications. Many times, the work is underestimated and all parties are affected by the outcome.

In contrast, Leeds Clark provides the most complete, precise, and accurate window survey available in the market today. Taking a hands on approach coupled with 30 years experience, Tom Clark has made a science out of historic window surveys. Utilizing many different tools, Leeds Clark's window surveys provide all parties involved a detailed assessment and overview of existing window conditions. Leeds Clark documents the condition of every window opening and its components: sashes, jambs, sills, brick moldings, casings, stools, and aporons. Photo documentation of existing conditions and problem areas helps the building owner and architect understand and visualize the scope of work needed to restore/replicate the historic windows.

Leeds Clark can also assist in the following:

Documentation of window building materials & methodology of construction
Assist in planning and methodology for carrying out window preservation effort
Assist in window specifications and pro-forma estimating to determine budget
Locate proper material sources that conform to Department of Interior guidelines
Perform window mock-up to document specs and set finished product standards

Leeds Clark's experience in condition assessment helps the architect and building owner establish needs, offer realistic solutions and specifications then develop a window preservation plan and budget to determine feasibility of the proposed project.
For inquiries on Leeds Clark's historic window surveys, email: info@leedsclark.com

Below is a sample of Leeds Clarks window survey form: