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Tom Clark and his company have formed a good rapport with the Dallas Landmark Commission, Preservation Dallas, and historic neighborhood associations all across DFW. From small neighborhood association historic window workshops to complete historic window preservation efforts on land marked homes like the DeGoyler House at the Dallas Arboretum, Leeds Clark has provided home owners quality historic window preservation and restoration services for over 30 years in the DFW area.
To help owner's of historic homes watch window restoration costs, Leeds Clark provides all window restoration materials direct from the manufactures, assists with specifications, and provides the owner contact information for laborers qualified to work on historic windows. Many of these contacts have worked for Leeds Clark for years, then decided to venture out and open their own businesses. Due to Leeds Clark's high overhead and insurance requirements on commercial projects, Tom Clark encourages home owners to take advantage of these qualified laborers who primarily work on residential projects and have much lower overhead and insurance requirements. The owner can get pricing from several contacts, based on the specifications that are created during the survey phase.
Window Restoration Services & Materials:
DeGoyler House Bay Window

Window Survey, Window Restoration Specs, & Material Estimates

Chemical Strippers, Sand Papers, & Saftey Equipment

Historic, Stained, Insulated, & Low E Glass

Epoxies, Wood Fillers, Sealants, & Caulks

Pulleys, Rope, Chain, & Weights

Paints, Stains, & Finishes


Tom Clark believes inspection of the windows and its materials is vital to developing a window restoration plan. The condition assessment helps determine what work is needed and helps prioritize the window work based on the home owners budget. Photo documentation of existing conditions and problem areas helps the home owner understand and visualize the scope of work. Tom Clark is very passionate and straightforward in his approach to historic window restoration and he really enjoys helping home owners restore their historic windows back to original condition.

For those home owners interested in doing the window work themselves, Leeds Clark can assit with window restoration methodology and provide all window restoration materials direct to home owner. This saves the home owner both time and money.

Please feel free contacting Leeds Clark with any questions you may have concerning your historic windows, and we hope the rest of our website is both helpful and educational. Feel free to send us jpeg images of your historic windows, along with questions, to info@leedsclark.com.

Leeds Clark has surveyed and restored windows on numerous historic homes including the following:
Several Historic Homes at the Farmers Branch, TX Historical Park
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DeGoyler House
Dallas Arboretum
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Governer's Mansion
Austin, Texas
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Caruth Homestead
Communities Foundation of Texas
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The Juliette Gordon Low House
Girl Scout National Center
Savannah, Georgia
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